weekly 0.5 Giant Schnauzers weekly 0.5 Poodles and PooMixes weekly 0.5 Poo Mixes & Other Breeds’s-litter-Click-Pic-For-Info-p42203448 weekly 0.6 Small Poodles, Apricot red pups, M and F, Zoey’s litter,"Click Pic For Info" weekly 0.6 Toy Poodle Litter: Della's Red Litter. "Click Pick For Info"’s-Females-and-male-CLICK-PIC-FOR-INFO-p49810068 weekly 0.6 Cavapoo Puppies: Ruby’s Females and male , "CLICK PIC FOR INFO"“CLICK-PIC-FOR-INFO-p47251616 weekly 0.6 Toy Morkipoo Boy, “CLICK PIC FOR INFO" weekly 0.6 Teeny Tiny Red Poodle Male, CLICK PIC FOR INFO" weekly 0.6 FUTURE UPCOMING Giant Litters, "Click Pic For Info"“CLICK-PIC-TO-SEE-INFO-p42641081 weekly 0.6 Tiny Sized Maltipoo Litter, “CLICK PIC TO SEE INFO" weekly 0.6 Toy Poodle Girls, Red babies, "CLICK PIC FOR INFO" weekly 0.6 Red Poodle Puppy: Lucy's Tiny Red, "Click Pick For Info"’s-litter-Click-Pick-For-Info-p58077246 weekly 0.6 Red and red/white Cavapoo Male Puppies, Dolly’s litter, "Click Pick For Info" weekly 0.6 Small Cockapoo girl and boy Chocolate Litter, "CLICK PIC FOR INFO"